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So you're interested in finding out more about solar for your location? What's next?

Flat-roof mounted solar PV array

How the process works

Our goal at Live Wire Solar is to make the solar PV proposal process as accurate, concise, and transparent as possible. Our solar-trained representatives work with customers on an individual basis through the following steps-

  • Discuss the home or business owner's preferences and expectations: location of array, equipment selection, financial expectations, and how the process works
  • Obtain the last 12 months electric usage to help determine an appropriately-sized system
  • Create a solar PV design to reflect the different parameters. Discuss the different options and the viability of each project proposal with the customer. Redesign where possible to better reflect client's preferences.
  • Discuss process, timeline, payment schedule, and any other concerns or questions. Seek out incentives and other financial instruments.
  • Sign the contract, and we'll get to work!
  • Sun with ground-mount

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