17 kW solar array at Pizza Luce, Hopkins, MN

This metal roof-mount uses 47 modules to maximize southern exposure.

8.28 kW roof-mount in Maple Grove, MN

This roof-mounted residential installation included an EV-charging station.

9.57 kW steel-roof array in Afton, MN

This remodel utilized black-framed monocrystalline modules to match the new steel roof.

5kW steel-roof array in New Brighton, MN

This client expanded on a previous solar installation to maximize reneweable energy.

20 kW flat-roof array in Duluth, MN

This client took advantage of the local utility rebate and ample roof space to reduce their operating costs.

9 kW ground-mount in Afton, MN

This ground-mounted solar PV array utilizes a 3x11 grid in landscape orientation.

10 kW multiple roof array in Falcon Heights, MN

This array uses 30 modules split between two roofs to create a 10 kW system.

7 kW array in Inver Grove Heights, MN

This client added a solar PV array to their garage, as well as an EV-charging station.

8 kW garage and home solar PV array in Minneapolis, MN

This client added solar to their home and detached garage to offset their annual usage.

6 kW residential solar PV in Hudson, Wisconsin.

This solar PV array configured 16 modules around roof intrusions to maximize the allowed production.

16 kW solar PV array with battery backup in Duluth, MN

This array utilizes 45 modules laid out to maximize production for the lithium-ion battery backup.

315 kW utility solar garden in Wisconsin

Members of the Live Wire team proposed, developed and installed a 315 kW solar garden in northern Wisconsin.